Boomstar Placement Racerback Uimapuku Uima-asut Musta


Speedo Splice Muscleback Uimapuku Uima-asut Liila Speedo

Valmistaja: Speedo


Malli: Boomstar Placement Racerback Uimapuku Uima-asut Musta Speedo
Kuvaus: The Boomstar Placement Racerback swimsuit has a vibrant design with the new Boomstar graphics. The wide straps between the shoulder blades ensure comfort, while the medium cut leg offers a modest coverage, without compromising in manageability. The inner bust shelf liner is the ideal support for any training,
Toimituskulut: 4,95€, yli 59€ tilauksissa ilmaiset
Toimitusaika: 2-4 arkipäivää


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