Creative Manifesto Halter Bikini


Watercult Creative Manifesto Halter Bikini

Valmistaja: Watercult

Myyjä: UK Swimwear

Malli: Watercult Creative Manifesto Halter Bikini
Toimituskulut: Suomeen toimistus 0€.
Toimitusaika: normaalisti 3-5 arkipäivää.
Maksutavat: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro ja Paypal.
Watercult are a master of blended and hybrid designs. But they also know how to do it in a manner that is subtle and sophisticated. Here you have such a gentle blending of patterns and colours that it is nigh impossible to separate them. Most designers stick together a geometric pattern and a nature one and leave it at that. Here though they are carefully married together with love and attention. Theres a kind of tiger stripe in the mix here that gives you a piece of the natural world. Yet there is also lots of blue and pink that looks like a Tibetan mandala bringing you the man-made world too. Together they work beautifully as if they were never apart. The bikini is moulded and has removable cups and tie strings all for a custom fit.

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