Jewel Box Silver Agate Triangle Push Up Bikini



Valmistaja: Gottex

Myyjä: UK Swimwear

Malli: Gottex Jewel Box Silver Agate Triangle Push Up Bikini
Toimituskulut: Suomeen toimistus 0€.
Toimitusaika: normaalisti 3-5 arkipäivää.
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Silver Agate may look like the Golden Age of Science Fictions vision of what fashion may look like in the 2000s and there may be some Jules Verne and Buck Rogers in there but its mostly the hand of Mother Nature that has designed this stunning garment. The whole garment is designed after agate the semi-precious stone that looks almost like mercury but with sweeps of bronze and other colours in them. This is the inspiration for the bikini you see before with several million years of history behind it it is one of the most carefully designed and well thought out finished designs weve seen.

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