Jewel Box South Sea Pearl V Neck Swimsuit



Valmistaja: Gottex

Myyjä: UK Swimwear

Malli: Gottex Jewel Box South Sea Pearl V Neck Swimsuit
Toimituskulut: Suomeen toimistus 0€.
Toimitusaika: normaalisti 3-5 arkipäivää.
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South Sea Pearl is easily the most creative collection from Gottex and possibly from anyone we have ever seen in the world of swimwear. The whole collection has taken inspiration from its namesake the South Sea Islands where folklore rules supreme and the world is filled with magic and fantasy. The appearance of this swimsuit looks like on of these sweltering tropical islands indigenous creatures like a grand butterfly with is wings furled and wrapped around its body in a tropical storm. Or maybe its designed after the flora like a gigantic banana tree leafs organic structure. But we think it most likely takes inspiration from a denizen of the deep such as a clam with the overlapping fabric imitating a shell and the broaches being much more like a precious pearl. Its called Gottex South Sea Pearl after all. Either way it is stunning mysterious and utterly beautiful.

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