Legacy Bandeau Swimsuit


Gottex Legacy Bandeau Swimsuit

Valmistaja: Gottex

Myyjä: UK Swimwear

Malli: Gottex Legacy Bandeau Swimsuit
Toimituskulut: Suomeen toimistus 0€.
Toimitusaika: normaalisti 3-5 arkipäivää.
Maksutavat: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro ja Paypal.
Legacy is the truly historic and classic design amongst the Gottex collection. It is a stunning tribute to the Victorian era of art interior design and sculpture. In the Victorian period European artists were obsessed about bringing art from around the world into their work in particular that of China. The white and blue of this swimsuit imitates the beautiful and delicate pottery of Chinese ceramics including the careful floral motifs that were so popular. These designs came to Europe and were blended with the local traditions to make stunning plush furniture with the same colours and motifs in them. Today this style is firmly placed inside our consciousness and culture and Gottex have brought it back to us with such skill and finesse. You can now take this slice of history with you to the beach and add something deeper and more meaningful to your wardrobe than every before.

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