Platinum Deep Plunge Swimsuit


Gottex Platinum Deep Plunge Swimsuit

Valmistaja: Gottex

Myyjä: UK Swimwear

Malli: Gottex Platinum Deep Plunge Swimsuit
Toimituskulut: Suomeen toimistus 0€.
Toimitusaika: normaalisti 3-5 arkipäivää.
Maksutavat: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro ja Paypal.
Never before have we seen an animal print used so dramatically as this one from Gottex has been. The Platinum design almost comes to life with its imitation fish scale pattern. The way it glistens and catches the light gives it the shimmering and mysterious look that only the glimpse of an aquatic leviathan can give you naturally. The deep plunge ruched front and stand out waist all contribute to its eye catching effects and it is easily one of the most interesting and beautiful swimsuits of the season. This design is a part of the Gottex 60th Anniversary Collection.

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